Health Insurance in the UK

I was asked to review the methods of purchasing Health Insurance in the UK by my company as they were considering offering it as an employee benefit in kind. This would mean that as an employee I would only have to pay the tax out of my wages t get the protection. In light of recent NHS issues i though that it would be a good idea ad my company gave us the option to either take the benefit in kind or pay out right for my own personal policy. I decided to go for the latter as this meant that would be able to take the protection with me into retirement or if i moved work, only having to consider funding it myself at that stage.

For me it comes down to one thing – there is nothing more important then your health! I went online and started to peruse the market for quotes and came across the site – Unlike other aggragator websites i felt like i needed to speak to a specialist who could explain exactly how it worked and recommend some options to me. I filled out the form and got a call from the agent who after a quick 30 second info check connected me to a Broker.

The Broker was fantastic – he was not a salesmen! He not only listened to my needs but provided me with 2 quotes from two different companies that would cover me and my family. It took around 15 minutes in the initial call and he followed up with everything in writing. It was a breath of fresh air and ultimately got my cover sorted!

So far i have not had to use it, thank goodness! but i would rather it be this way round instead of the other!